Ankamaly Diaries Malayalam Movie Review

Ankamaly Diaries Malayalam Movie Review

Ankamaly Diaries, one of the much awaited movies of this year in Mollywood had hit the screens today. It had become much awaited because of three names.

Lijo Jose Pellissery, who directed this movie, Vijay Babu who produced this flick and Chemban Vinod Jose, who had written this flick. Vijay Babu had produced this alone under the banner of Friday Film House and Chemban Vinod had written the first ever movie script in his career. Lijo Jose Pellissery was looking for a grand comeback through this movie after a failure he had faced through the movie named Double Barrel in 2015. The film revolves around a bunch of youngsters who lives in and around Ankamaly City.

The major characters in this movie is Vincent Peppe, Appani Ravi, Clamp Rajan, Bheeman, 10ml Thomas, Parippu Marty, Kanakuna Marty etc and all these characters were played by newcomers. More than 85 newcomers acted in this movie and that is phenomenal as well. Without any doubt we can say that this film will elevate Malayalam Cinema to another level when it comes to the making of realistic entertainers and Lijo Jose Pellissery had indeed made a grand come back which was expected from him.

A super screenplay from Chemban Vinod has been given stunning visual language by the director. It was realistic, energetic, raw but highly entertaining as well. Every situation in this plot is very much convincing and the presentation was fabulous as well. Each characters in it, has their own identity and the dialogues were terrific to say the least. The performance from each and every one was fantastic and all of them had given their best to make the characters believable and we will love each of them after watching the movie. Chemban Vinod was sizzled as an actor as well in the movie. Antony Varghese who played the main lead had done a great job and he can be a big star in Mollywood in the future. The technical side has been brilliant as well. DOP from Gireesh Gangadharan was amazing and the music from Prashant Pillai was energetic and cool.

Editing was done by Shameer Muhammad and once again he had done fantabulous job with his neat, crisp and sharp cuts. In Total, Ankamaly Diaries is a must watch realistic entertainer which will give a whole new cinematic experience. Never miss this one because this one is something really special and really unique.