Befikre Review


As a writer, producer and distributor, Aditya Chopra is making his presence felt in the industry every now and then but as a director he is quite silent now maintaining a low key affair with the high profile job as the last of his directorial movie happened way back in 2008. That’s eight years down the lane and it was an SRK starrer Rab Ne Bana De Jodi that we last saw this man wielding the megaphone. Befikre that hits the big screen today marks Aditya Chopra’s fourth directorial venture has Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor playing lead roles which is extensively shot in Paris.

About the movie, its a rom-com and the prime intention is to present something entertaining and colorful with a romantic and sexy tone in the story. There is lot of energy involved with both Ranveer and Vaani putting in lot of efforts to infuse life into the film but the purpose is served only partially in the movie which has nothing fresh to tell and follow the same old pattern and template of stories that we have seen and are familiar in Bollywood.
Dharam and Shyra are the people in focus here as the two with a free spirited and carefree attitude meet in Paris and the story tells their sexy, hot and romantic affair that goes through ups and downs, highs and lows. The present and past moments are shown one after the other through the picturesque streets of Paris.
The opening scene has a series of kisses of different people both young and aged in the street of Paris with the Labon Kaa Kaarobaar song and at the same time the beginning title credits gets mentioned.

The intentions are crystal clear from here as the film dwell through breakups, live in relationships, romance and mood swings in a casual, colorful and joyful manner. But the tempo stops somewhere in between and the movie could not sustain the energy level showed in the beginning till the end.
This can mainly be attributed to the lack of freshness in the story and also the story itself falling under the category of a wafer thin one. Music, Songs, dance, lip locks and everything that one can add to make the story lively and entertaining is flavored in the film in traditional Yashraj style in which the screenplay and story is written by the director himself. Everything looks perfect for the eyes as a colorful candy but these things works only partially as the movie struggle after a stage to get things wound up.
Ranveer Singh was high on spirits and energy as the free spirited and loud Dharam. I would say it was a good casting and the actor has done justice to the faith shown in by the makers in casting him as Dharam. On a lighter note, don’t miss his complete naked show from the back which was a very brief shot but nevertheless will make you laugh and at the same time makes you surprised.

Vaani Kapoor played perfect foil to Ranveer and acted with the same energy like her male counterpart and their onscreen chemistry was very much notable. She was hot and sexy and that was as per the demands of the sexy tone in her character as well in the film. Not much supporting actors are part of this film as the entire frames are very much focused on the lead pair either together or separately.

Cinematography was very much notable and successful in capturing the essence and beauty of lovely Paris. Music, songs and dance required a colorful and peppy feel in it and it was quite good meeting the requirement of a story of this nature.
As an entertainer, Befikre does its job only partially as the film run out of steam after the halfway mark and struggle to end on a high. I would recommend the movie only for its bubbly on screen chemistry between the lead actors and also for some genuine funny moments that pops up here and there making you laugh.

Rating – 2.5 / 5