Finding Dory Movie Review

Finding Dory Movie Review

Finding Dory Movie Review

The film begins with Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) a Pacific regal blue tang, as a young fry, whose mother Jenny (Diane Keaton) and father Charlie (Eugene Levy) try to help her cope with her short-term memory loss. One day, she finds herself lost in the ocean, and spends the rest of her life looking for her parents despite the refusal of help from other fish until she crosses paths with Marlin the clownfish (Albert Brooks), and helps him look for his son, Nemo.

One year has passed since then, and Dory has been living with Marlin and Nemo in the same coral reef, though has not been able to fully blend in with Marlin and Nemo’s friends. While on a field trip with Nemo’s school to watch a sting-ray migration, a memory of Dory’s is triggered upon hearing the word “undertow” (which Dory’s parents had told her to beware of as a child). Dory remembers her parents and a location known only as “the jewel of Morro Bay, California” and convinces Marlin and Nemo to help her find them. They make it there quickly after traveling with Crush, the sea turtle on an ocean current, and upon leaving it, Dory searches through a sunken cargo ship remembering looking for her parents there. Dory’s commotion leads to the three being attacked by a squid, nearly getting Nemo eaten and causing Dory to get caught in six pack rings. As a result, Marlin angrily sends Dory away, and she looks for her parents alone. After following the voice of Sigourney Weaver from the intercom of the nearby Monterey Marine Life Institute, a rehabilitation center and aquarium, she is suddenly scooped up by two employees, and Marlin and Nemo horrifyingly watch on.

Upon entering the facility and being tagged for quarantine, she comes into the acquaintance of Hank (Ed O’Neill), an octopus who wishes to be placed in quarantine so that he may be sent to an aquarium in Cleveland to live a more comfortable life. He agrees to help Dory find the exhibit where her parents might be in exchange for her quarantine tag. Their escape is foiled when Dory sends herself into a bucket marked “Destiny,” and she, along with the dead feed inside, are carried and tossed into a pool where a severely near-sighted whale shark and long-lost friend of Dory’s, Destiny (Kaitlin Olson), resides. In the adjacent pool is Bailey, (Ty Burrell), a beluga whale who is deficient with echolocation.

Hank follows her in and tries to convince her to take the pipes connecting the park to the Ocean Life exhibit, but Dory, afraid she won’t remember the way, convinces Hank to carry her there in a vacant baby’s carriage, with Destiny and Bailey assisting. However, due to another triggered memory, Dory and Hank wind up inside the facility’s “touch pool” where the children there attempt to grab and fondle the terrified Dory and traumatized Hank. However, Hank realizes that the Ocean Life exhibit is only feet away, and with his help, she enters, immediately looking for her parents. Meanwhile, outside, Marlin and Nemo, with the help of two sea lions, Fluke (Idris Elba) and Rudder (Dominic West), and a loon, Becky, they are flown into the park. They are quickly stranded by Becky, but they manage to make it into a tide pool, inspired by Dory’s characteristically sudden determination.

Dory manages to find her old home, but is dismayed to learn that both her parents are gone. However, she suddenly remembers how she was separated from her parents: upon swimming close towards one of the pipes, she was carried away by its current and was swept into the ocean. With the help of two nearby crabs, who says their parents are in quarantine and are soon to be shipped to Cleveland, she heads there, guided by Destiny and Bailey, who suddenly learns echolocation, reuniting with Marlin and Nemo along the way. After making their way into the tank of tangs with added help by Hank, the other fish are gladdened by Dory’s return, but sadly relay that Jenny and Charlie have long since left. Dory, dazed in her crestfallen state, is scooped out of the tank in a glass by Hank, who accidentally leaves Marlin and Dory behind and gets himself caught, causing him to drop Dory, where she slips into a drain and finds herself back in the ocean.

Dory desperately tries to find help, her panic making her forget her friends and leaving no nearby fish able to assist her. She calmly retraces her steps, finding a line of sea-shells (which Jenny had trained her to follow if she was ever lost) on the sand. Following them, she finds a web of seashell lines leading to a hollowed out brain coral, and soon after, Charlie and Jenny return, resulting in a joyous reunion, which is cut short when she remembers Marlin and Nemo. With the truck for Cleveland departing the Institute, Dory and her parents set off to find them, with Destiny and Bailey jumping from their enclosures to assist. Through the help of some nearby sea otters, they manage to stop the truck on the freeway, allowing Marlin to call Becky, who carries Dory into the truck and Marlin and Nemo out. After convincing Hank, who managed to stow away inside, to live in the ocean with her, the truck drivers shoo the otters away and close the truck back up, continuing their drive. Hank manages to climb out of the truck and frighten the drivers out, allowing him to drive it and nearly cause countless accidents, alerting the police, who set up a blockade. Dory directs Hank to drive the truck off the road and off a cliff, sending it, along with every fish inside, into the sea, where Dory rejoins her friends and family safely.

Returning home, Dory lives a far more comfortable and confident life with her friends and family, Hank, Destiny, and Bailey teach in Nemo’s school, and with the pieces of their lives back together, Dory and Marlin calmly observe the view beyond the drop of their coral reef.

In an after credits scene, Nemo’s Tank Gang from the first film (still trapped in their bags) arrive outside the Monterey Marine Life Institute and are promptly picked up by two employees while Fluke and Rudder relax nearby.