I didn’t Stand Nude Infront of Prabhas : Tamannah

I didn't Stand Nude Infront of Prabhas : Tamannah

The first part of Bhahubali the sphere of high standing, full of glamorous roles Tamannah’s Avantika.Tamannah, who came to the performance of the song in the movie more glamourous became controversy.The scene was Tamannah naked in front of Prabhas

This is the main criticism from the fire on the assailants.And it was like rape from the critisers.

Tamannah, however, the scene of half was not done by me. “Lots of film, there is a distinction between the zones, it was actually filmed.
The industry has been using many of the techniques used in the film make Tamannah so much beauty
The first part of the film i had only song and Dance with my character,but not was in the second section. I had a lot of Action scenes.
After the landing, high, people are always asking questions. why Kattappa Killed Bhahubali ?

But I can not Say Anything about it.Because I signed the contract with the producers of this movie is not to say the reason. However, the big question will be answered in the second part of this. Tamannah said.