Its Kattappa again and again.


The superhit film Bahibali which created much waves across the country is getting ready with its sequel, for all those who watched the film knows who Kattappa is, yet we dont know why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?, we now has some other news about Kattappa, Kattappa will be seen in an upcoming telugu horror flick. Also the same character will be seen in a Tamil Movie aso.

The tamil film directed by Mani Seyyon is titled `Kattappaye Kaanom` and revolves arund the story when Kattappa goes Missing. The film ill feature Sibiraj in lead role. Sibiraj is son of Sathyaraj who has played the role of Kattappa inn Bahubali.

The telugu horror film will also have Kattappa. The film is titled Kattappa Raju.