Krishnam Producer PN Balaram Interview: “I want the entire world to watch this film”

Krishnam Producer PN Balaram Interview: “I want the entire world to watch this film”

Krishnam Producer PN Balaram Interview: “I want the entire world to watch this film”

How do you reach film industry?
I’ve never planned to become a film producer not even think about working in this field. It just happened, a coincidence I would say. An incident in my life one year before is somehow turned into the movie Krishnam.
As a business magnet how did you analyze the film industry?

It was in 1982 at my age of 18, I invented a television set Teltronix and marketed it – that was the first step in to business. After that for 35 years, I’ve been into various business areas. Quiet a long time but really enjoyed it. Though my entry into film industry was just a coincidence, I’m now loving it. When I got to know more about cinema, I was able to understand its various business aspects too and thus PNB Cinemas happened. Krishnam is our first venture and is produced in 3 languages – Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. I think it will be the first movie to feature in Malayalam and Telugu simultaneously.

How do you perceive Krishnam as a film producer?

As I told earlier Krishnam is not just a movie for me, it’s an unforgettable incident that changed my entire life. You may see emotions, sentiments, laughter and many more in this movie. I hope Krishnam will be a fun romantic comedy movie which will leave a wide smile in audience.

What made you to think of a wide online release?

First of all I wanted to make sure that everyone will watch this movie. Because it’s a kind of film that everyone must watch. Apart from that, there is a need to grab more global audience for the art of cinema – for the sake of cinema and for the industry too. Wide online releasing using Nano technology was the ‘big idea’. We are actually kind a sort of giving a try to new methods to popularise Krishnam.

When will Krishnam hit on theatre?

We planned for theatrical releasing in Indian states along with a worldwide online release on October, 2017.

What kind of audiences does KRISHNAM actually focuses on?

Many people have asked me this question. How dare I am to produce a film in 3 languages? Who will watch it… and stuffs like that. I still have the same answer. Krishnam is more than just a movie, it is life itself. People will watch the movie beyond the language, region and age – I have the faith.

What was your confidence when you entrust the movie to director Dinesh Baboo?

I knew from the very beginning that only a person with much expertise can make Krishnam happen. And that’s how I came to Dinesh Baboo, who is a friend of mine for more than 30 years. He has an expertise of 35 years in film industry and had made more than 100 film, that too in different languages. His in-depth knowledge and passion has always astonished me. I strongly believe that Dinesh Baboo is the right person and I am as much as confident as I was in the beginning of the filming.