They Not only want my acting : Avanthika Shetty

They Not only want my acting Avanthika Shetty

They Not only want my acting : Avanthika Shetty
Kannada actress Avanthika Shetty had came up with arguments against the producer of the movie from which she had been Replaced at the time of shooting.
Avanthika had opened her heart against the producer K.Suresh of Movie Raju Kannada Medium. Suresh had announced earlier this month that Avanthika git replaced from his movie against this Avanthika has posted a Facebook post. She was the heroin in superhit Kannada movie Ragitaranga.
She posted that she had bad experiences from the producer. Lady artists are not much safe in film industry. She also don’t want to have such an experience to any lady artist again. In her post she said that Ladies are considered as a use and throw object by some of the Men from film industry. She had worked with lots of good films. But suresh was not like that . The director and producer doesn’t want my acting. She has adjusted and continued acting but at last they told her to left the movie as they told that her acting was below average. They had did this on the next day when she questioned them for Bouncing of a cheque.
They need to give more than half of her Remuneration even now. She will definitely going to the court to get justice as they are doing against the agreement that they created earlier. She had sent a complaint against this to the Karnataka film chamber and didn’t get response yet.