Pa..Va Music Review


The Songs of The film Pa Va has been out. The audio Jukebox consist of 6 Songs. The Lyrics for the songs are written By Santhosh Varma, Suku Damodar, Rafeeq Ahammed, Harinarayanan. The music for the songs are by Anand Madhusoodanan and are sung by P. Jayachandran, Vijay Yesudas, Murali Gopy, Sithara Krishnakumar, Nithin P K, Swarna Vinayan, Aparna Balamurali, Minmini Joy

Podi meesa
The Song Podi Meesa has a soothing tune and is very pleasent to hear, The musical Intruments have been nicely played and the song flows like a cool Breeze.

Vinnil Theliyum
The Song Vinnil Theliyum Begins with a group os female singers Singing the first lines of the song and is very audacious. The song is a slow paced one and is melodious.

Innu Njan Pookum
The Song Innu Njan Pookum begins with a whistling and is further followed by a voice over narrating the first lines of the song, The song is a different styled one. The song is slow paced and it seems that it is trying to depict the emotion of sadness.

Paavakku Bhoomiyil
The Song has a nice tune and is the best in the list the music director has made a nice choice with the singer.

Kalyanam Kalyanam
This song clearly is for the occassion of marriage. The yrics are good and the lyrics tries to essay about the marriage and further life.

Dhe Innenatha
One of the good songs in the movie. The song really stand aiut and will definity be in everyones playlist, The song has some energy in it that will spread to you once you hear it.

Here Jukebox Listen & Enjoy !!