Sakhavu Malayalam Movie Review

Sakhavu Malayalam Movie Review

Sakhav Movie Review

The Nivin Pauly starrrer Malayalam film Sakhav has hit theatres today. Recently we have been hearing abut many films that narrates the story of politics especially of Communism. Oru mexican Aparatha was one such example. But most of the films targeted the youth and came out to be just a mass entertainers.

Sidharth Siva has always gifeted good films ti Mollywood and this time also he has come up with a movie havong a strong script. The film is produced by B Rakesh Under tha banner of Universsal Cinema. Nivin Pauly plays a double role in the film he is seen as Krishnakumar and comrade Krishnan in the film.

Krishnakumar is a follower of the political party KSK and is a crooked man takes bribes and does all such things. The first half of the movie shows Krishnakumar and has many fun momenst and is a clean entertainer. The movie moves onto a solid track once Krishnakumar meets Comrade Krishnan what happens next forms the main crux of the story. Comrade Krishnan is an ideal comrade and meeting with Krishnan makes some impact in Krishnakumar`s life. All in all the film is a clean entertainer with some adequat amount of humour.

The film throws light on a comrades life. The cinematography has been nicely done by George C Williams,he managed to create a good feel for the movie by his visuals. The songs and the background score of the film were also good. The music for the film was tuned by Prashant Pilllai.

The film crafted by Sidharth Siva impressed everyone as the director succeded in getting great output all the departments of the film including acting, usic and cinematography. The film moves with asteady pace and has no pace.