Veeram Movie Review

Veeram Movie Review

Veeram Movie Review.

The Kunal Kapoor starrer film Veera has hit screens today, The epic historic drama directed by Jayaraj was screened at many international festivals and the movie got a great response from the audience and critics. The film has finally hit the theatres. Veeram is the adptation of William Shakespeare literature Macbeth. The film blends the story of Macbeth with the ancient history of Chandu Chekavar. of Kerala.

Jayaraj has done total justice to the work Macbeth and is the finest adaptation of Macbeth by an Indian Filmmaker. The film starts with Renji Panicker`s narration. Kunal Kapoor plays the role of Chandu Chekavar in the film.

The movie had a international quality of making the visual effects and graphics could have been better. Kunal Kapoor has really done a nice job in the film, he truly looks like a martial arts champion in the film. In the first half, Jayaraj has filled the storyline with scenes showing Chandu’s valour, his love for Unniyarcha and Kuttimani and how both women poison his mind for the impending betrayal.

The battle scenes during Chandu’s first fight and Aromal’s victory over Aringondan commander are brilliant.Stunts choreographed by Allan Poppleton, who has worked in Hollywood films like Lord of the Rings and Avatar, is brilliant.

Shivajith nambiar plays the role of Aromal Chekavar and Himarsha Venkatsamy plays the role of Unniyarcha in the film. Both have delivered good performance in the film.

A great deal of detailing has gone into the making of sets, costumes and cast to narrate the valour and tragedy of Chekavars. Another important aspect of the film is Kerala’s traditional martial art — Kalaripayattu. The scenes involving salutation, sword fights, and training are a treat to watch.